Wednesday, February 6, 2013

i liked foster care...

i liked foster care better when Baby J didnt know what was going on. now's he's 3.5 years and knows exactly whats going on. it sucks.

3.5 years into this case and not a single thing has changed.

it seems every week his birthmother is looking for a reason to destroy us. yes, destroy. this week she believes he is not being fed. she believes he is malnourished. after his doctor didnt entertain her accusations, she switched physicians. luckily, CPS ordered it back to the old one.

this week Baby J will be subjected to test after test to PROVE that he is malnourished. bone scans, blood tests, kidney and thyroid was enough to make me cry last night. i am incredibly sad for him. i am sad that i can't help him. i'm sad that i can't stop people from torturing him. what kind of protector am i. i'm not. i am no one. legally i am have NO say. and when this physician is done, she will select a different physician for a second opinion. she has already stated her intentions.

because she thinks he's not fat enough she sends him home with stuff like this after every visit -
     *2 Chocolate puddings
     *1 Chocolate cake
     *4 Chocolate cupcakes
     *1 Thomas Gummy Candy
     *1 Jello
     *1 left over Burger King kids meal
     *1 Flavored Water
     *1 Chocolate Milk
     *1 Pack Sour Candy
     *1 Pack Arare
     *1 Fruit Roll Up

and i'm the bad one...