Friday, November 16, 2012

i hate when i...

i hate when i can't find the babys pacifiers! i swear when i need one there are none in sight, yet when there is one - all 8 of them show up!

so i was digging through my couch to find one. not only did i find enough sand to fill a small island, i found....

*Princess Mirror
*3 Scrabble pieces
*hot wheel
*school ID
*site word card
*purple hair clip
*Green thing that i have no clue what it is

what's in your couch?


  1. The phone...always the phone. Cracker crumbs, dirty socks :(, puzzle pieces, sometimes the remote, crumpled up paper, hair clips, pencils, combs but never any money!!

    Well, you asked :)

    1. haha yeah - why is there NEVER any money!?!