Thursday, August 23, 2012

we're in limbo...

we're in limbo and waiting for stormies diagnosis.

many hours of testing and lots of parent questioning. we're hoping to have some answers....
the doctors first thoughts are Autism-Asperbers with some type of attention disorder

its a very strange feeling to have a professional validate your suspicions. it's a good feeling because you now know your not crazy. and a bad feeling because now you know something is officially wrong with your baby. 

Just as I tell her always. I love you no matter what Stormie. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

my nerves were finally...

my nerves were finally coming to grips with the fact that we'd know what was gonna happen with baby J on Sept 5th, THEN....the judge decided we needed two days of trial and those days would be ONE MONTH APART!!!

who does that!?!

now i have to wait till sometime in OCTOBER to know if i am keeping my son or returning him to an UNFIT DANGEROUS UNHEALTHY home. 

my mind keeps running scenarios on how things are gonna end. 

october will make his 3rd year in our home. the court seriously has no regard for the damage they are causing this kid.

ok. i'm done.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pintrest Do's!

since i posted the Pintrest No No's, i thought i should also post the 3 Pintrest things that i loved and turned out so cute!

Caterpillar Grapes - i used frosting and candy eyes. i had trouble getting the eyes to stay because my grapes were cold and the moisture wasn't allowing the eyes to stick well. they candy eyes might have been a little too big. none the less, they are freakin cute. 

Gum Ball Centerpiece - i purchased a container of gum balls from walmart ($8) and it filled 1.5 jars. The jars were also purchased from walmart ($5).  i tied a bundle of balloons to the container as well. definitely a must do!

Birthday Face Cupcakes - these by far are the cutest things ever and i know i will make them again! i made the image in photoshop and printed them at costco, after i glued them to a toothpick. i also added a cute little pom pom, i couldn't resist.