Friday, May 11, 2012

one of my husbands...

One of my husbands biggest heros is geoffery Canada, founder of the harlem childrens zone. I've read several of his books and love his philosophy and hunger to educate all children.

One of the big pushes with his organization in educating poor - inner city kids, is creating a culture of college. this is something that we've adapted in our own home for our kids. we talk about college all the time. It is a natural step after high school.

i know my children dont live in the ghetto. i know my children aren't poor. i know my children have college educated parents. BUT it wasn't always this way. i grew up poor. i had no college educated people in my family or around me. this is my way of ensuring my children will continue to break the cycle of poverty. this is my way of ensuring that they are empowered. 

here is a video of goeffery speaking about culture of college!


  1. Where is the Whittier College shirt?

  2. So I came across your blog through instagram and this post touched me. My hero is Geoffrey Canada as well and not only because of his exceptional dedication but because my brother is one of his success stories. I remember the day I went to get the application. My mother was frustrated to no end on trying to provide my brother with a decent education on a school that wouldn't give up on him. She attended some college but didn't get her associates. We were fortunate to be raised with a mother who always put education first. Growing up in Harlem I wasn't allowed to attend the public schools in my neighborhood due to violence and poor test scores. My mother wanted better for me. For my brother as well but for him school didn't come easy. He struggled and as a result of his struggling he acted out. Playing in class and misbehavior he went to six schools before Promise. In the sixth grade he was reading on a second grade level. He is going to be the first graduating class of promise academy's high school. He recieved almost a full scholarship to college for math. He is captain of the boys varsity basketball team and works at the school everyday after school helping with dismissal. He talks to the younger kids in the school about behavior and how to do the right thing. He wants to be a math teacher and geoffry Canada personally told him on breaks and during the summer he can come to the school to work. Many of his classmates are attending top colleges in the Country. Unlike my sister and I where school has always come easy and we recieved b.a. with me working on my masters my brother wouldn't have had this opportunity if it wasn't for Mr. Canada. My brother would be on the streets like some of his friends. Just last week a boy he knows was shot in the head

  3. Randomly. Sorry for the rant. I just wanted to thank you for talking about this man who gets both slack and praise.