Tuesday, April 10, 2012

a sergeant first class, dressed...

A Sergeant First Class, dressed in his best, approached my door. my arms filled with goose bumps, because it was a scene i had witnessed many times in the movies.

He was here to bring the awful news that stormies biological father had died.

I am still stunned and saddened. I am sad for her. That she will never get to meet him. I'm sad that he took stories of his life and family that we will never know.

We hadnt seen him since stormie was a year and a half. But i would keep tabs on him through myspace, so i always knew where he was stationed and when he was deployed.

My promise to her is to make sure she knows he adored her. His face lit up when he held her. I will repeat his stories of growing up on a farm and riding bulls. My promise to her is to let her know he served his country from the day he turned 18, fought in 2 wars and had been deployed 3 times. My promise to her is to let her know he wanted her. she was not an accident. She was loved by him from the moment they met.

my promise to him is to love her with an overflowing love. forever.


  1. ;,(...

    Stormie is blessed to have you!

  2. he sounds like a hero. so sorry for your loss

  3. Very sorry to hear this sad news. Wonderful tribute. And he lives on in her.

  4. This is terrible news. I am so glad that they both have someone who will help remember and love.

  5. So incredibly sad to hear this, he sounds like a great dad who loved his daughter. No doubt, through your words about her father, Stormie will know that he loved and adored her.

  6. I am sorry to hear this. What a loss for all of you. -Lisa

  7. Although I don't know the person, I am sad to hear the news. I'm sorry for Stormie. This is very touching post.

  8. Hi, I'm new to your blog. Is this the father of a child you're fostering? Oh my goodness, this is so sad. Good that she has you!!!