Wednesday, November 30, 2011

i dont handle stress well...

i dont handle stress well. so if you see me today and i look a little wack, it's because i'm not handling my stress so well. it could also be because i'm self medicating with coffee.
tomorrow we are summoned to court for an emergency hearing to grant UNSUPERVISED visits to baby J's birth mother. to add to the mess, we lost the judge that has been with the case since the beginning. aside from my selfish motives of wanting him forever, i'm scared for his safety. if those visits are granted he will be left ALONE with a registered sex offender. i can't let my mind go there.

my faith is being shaken, but my foundation is unbreakable.
i may have flinched. but i have not lost hope.




  1. Are you allowed to go to court? Can you have a chance to say anything? Wishing you luck!

  2. My heart is aching for you. I just said (and will continue to say) prayers for the Judge's decision.


  3. Dude, Not your battle. Hand it over to HIM. HE IS FAITHFUL!!! Praying God's will be done in Baby J's little life and that you are at peace. I know that you'll look back and see His fingerprints ALL over this!!! XoXOXO

  4. I wondered what was going on. I will be praying for safty and for a wise judge

  5. Said a prayer for you and Baby J and the judge and will continue to pray.

  6. It has been awhile since I stopped by but i teared up when I read this. I can't even imagine how stressful that must be. I will be praying for baby J.

  7. You are one brave soul, along with that husband of yours. It's situations like this where we learn to trust God more fully whether we like it or not.

  8. I can not and will never understand why so many sex offenders are let out into the society after they are caught red handed. They steal the lives and innocence of children then get these short sentences, then are let go to just go on with their lives. It makes me sick. Something must be done.

  9. I am so sorry you are facing this challenge. My prayer is with you.

  10. Oh mama I can't even begin to imagine your thoughts, pain, feelings. Know that I think of you often and pray for you lots! ((hugs))

  11. so, i hate to ask, but what happened in court?

  12. you've got the winning duo of coffee and will all be good.

  13. I hope it was good news in court!

  14. How do you do it? Seriously? You are so brave.

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