Wednesday, October 26, 2011

i can't wait till some...


i can't wait till some genius comes out with a useful study.
none of this:

and the best yet....

a study finds studies are useless

why can't someone come out with a study that says, women are better mommies after pounding a margarita at noon. i know i'd be a better mommy. funner, sillier...thats exactly what the world needs...a bunch of hammered women raising babies.

since i can't have the noon keg stand, i've been forced to add a second cup of coffee to my far it's improved my patience and ability to stay awake during lunch time.

how many cups of coffee are you up to?



  1. You're funny. I love that you love being a mommy and yet you're so real about the pains of being a mommy.

  2. I had a 10+ cup of coffee day today. I work at a child crisis centre and today was a particularly hectic/stressfull/crazy day with piles of big emotions.... believe me, coffee gets me through those 12hr shifts with non-stop screaming. I always just figure that it's better than cigarettes. or noon kegs.

  3. Hilarious! I usually have between 2-3 cups of coffee each day. I need those 2-3 cups! lol

  4. tehe, about 2/3 of a pot! My kids tease me when they are setting the dinner table and my mug is still on the table but I have a wine glass in my hand!

  5. Up to two as well...but I hear ya on that margarita!

  6. haha! I'm finding that I'm drinking a little bit more now that I'm in college (Um, I promise 8:00AM in college = 4:00AM in high school. What even is that?), but probably nothing to what I will drink when I'm a momma!

  7. Didn't you read the study that said coffee is totally good for you? :)
    Seriously. I just heard that on NPR a few weeks ago.

    The more education is all about data data data, it's so obviously to me that data is so b.s.
    Excuse my French.

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