Thursday, August 25, 2011

i'm lost.

i'm lost.
i'm lost. my compass is broken and i have no map.
not a good place to be when your in charge.
our daughter started school in a regular ed classroom...two days in the issues began
3 weeks in and its getting worse.
her mommy is clueless.
as a mommy - nothing breaks your heart more than not knowing how to help your kid. i WANT to help stormie but i dont know how. so i sit and watch her suffer.
sensory processing disorder and her behavioral issues have left me defeated.

i can not be defeated. i will not be defeated.


  1. I feel your pain! Stinkpot is doing well in school for first four days but is a total hellion at home. It's really tough to have a child that is different. I realize that we will eventually have to Homeschool our stinkpot. Big hugs to you! (& Stormie)

  2. Does Stormie have an IEP and behavior plan that the school is following? If not, that would probably help a lot. My daughter has behavior issues and SPD and has an IEP and behavior plan (she's just finishing up week 2 of kindergarten). She's doing great in school so far, but the fall out at home has been awful! I know the honeymoon will end at school eventually and it will be comforting to know that everyone involved in her education has a plan in writing to follow when it does.

  3. My son Anthony has been my challenge at school. He typically honeymoons the first week or two so we are still doing well. He has an IEP, does your daughter? With the sensory issues she should be receiving some type of intervention at school. I am sure you will advocate for what your child needs.

    Felicia (who is having issues posting) Stare if You Must

  4. oh momma, so sorry to hear this. can i give you the same advice as breastfeeding? hang in there! it will improve.

  5. So so sorry mama! I am just now understanding that my oldest has SPD and possibly a bit a RAD too. :( Life can be so hard when we love them so much, can't it? ((hugs))

  6. Big (hugs). My DSD has had problems in school too, especially in the early years of Elementary. She's gotten much better & seems happier there. I don't have any advice to give but lots of virtual (hugs).

  7. My prayer is with you. I pray the situation get better. Take care.

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