Monday, June 13, 2011

we took our kids...

we took our kids camping for the first time! what an experience! we have so many great memories, can't wait to do it again.

Midsummer Joys
by Winifred Sackville Stoner, Jr.

Give me the joys of summer,
Of SUMMER QUEEN so fair,

With wealth of lovely flowers
And fruits and sun-kissed air!

Talk not to me of winter
With ice and frost and snow,
Nor changing spring and autumn
When howling winds will blow.

No, I will take the joys
Of SUMMER every time,
So to this Queen of Seasons
I dedicate my rhyme.


  1. You guys looked like you had a blast.. you need a house on the beach asap!

  2. I have so many wonderful memories of camping on the river banks with my family here in the Midwest, it would be so great to camp by the ocean! It looks like everyone had a great time!

  3. That is so cute my heart is melting!
    PS: don't forget this giveaway end today.

  4. We were sad to miss out on the fun...I don't know how you did it pregnant...that's what stopped me.

  5. I love that poem! Such a gorgeous family! My niece asked me if we were gonna go camping. my response was that we dont even have a tent

  6. You are so lucky because you live in perpetual summer.