Tuesday, June 28, 2011

so sorry to disappoint...

so sorry to disappoint you stormie, but no mommy is not having a baby Justin Bieber.

Stormie: mommy. you have a baby justin bieber in your tummy?

me: nooooo....

Stormie: i want my own baby beiber with blue eyes. no, mom. i want three babies.

me: SILENT...i have nothing.


  1. Of course you have nothing. I distinctly remember these words, "A basketball team and a sub." They weren't yours, but you guys are well on your way. ;)

  2. Tell her you're having a Hawaiian Justin Beiber! lol. She is SO funny! I love the things little ones say. :)

  3. Maybe just humor her by letting her call him/her baby Bieber!

  4. Lmao!! Baby baby baby ooooooohhh!!! ^_^ I can totally picture the both of you having this conversation. Haha!!

  5. Hahahaha, this is too cute!!

    Scary thought having a baby Bieber in my tummy, though... =)

  6. So funny and so cute! Are you having a boy?