Friday, June 17, 2011

mikie. you should know...

mikie. you should know that i see you.

i see how handsome you are.
i see how hard you work for us.
i see you tired but still playing hide and seek.
i see you staring at me when i'm not looking.
i see you trying to be a better daddy

i see you. and you are still the
keeper of my heart.

Happy Fathers Day.


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  2. So sweet. I love this! :) Fathers are often under-appreciated. So good to see that your husband is not one of them.

    Sorry had to delete and edit my comment. Saw a grammatical error after I posted it. ;)

  3. I hope he sees you too...I'm sure he does.

  4. Happy Father's Day! He looks awesome!

  5. This is the nicest thing ever! Love it!