Tuesday, May 3, 2011

i was getting my daughter...

i was getting my daughter dressed for her MayDay Program at school, when i turned around she was missing. i found her in the restroom.

me: what are you doing?
stormie: mom...i had to do my gloss and fix my boobs, they were too high.

this little girl is growing up way too fast for me.


  1. so how much boob talk goes around in your house huh? hahaha

  2. I'm the solo male in a house with four females, a wife and three kids, who routinely mystify me with such behaviors. Lord have mercy on my soul.

  3. oooooooooh! that is sooooooo funny!!! and yet, i can relate in a teacher way... :o). they DO grow so quickly!!! i blink and the year has gone by (when i swear it just started) and my little babies are leaving me far more mature than when they came in. i cry every year. i can't imagine what i'll be like with me own. :oP.

  4. What a cutie! I love that she loves gloss :) I've been trying to get my 10 year old for years to at least put chapstick on her chappy dry lips.. She is finally starting to!

  5. Shut up! That is too funny for words.
    She is exquisite. Now tell her to stop growing up right this instant! Seriously. Right. This. Instant.

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  7. Haha. Oh my gosh what a story! I have a 3 month old and I think she's growing too fast already!

  8. OMG I think I would DIE if my daughter told me that (she's currently 13 months). Still...too funny! You have a beautiful girl!

    Just stumbled across your blog. Love finding fellow Hawaii moms! Aloha