Monday, May 9, 2011

blogging is hard when...

blogging is hard when your surrounded by sick kids. my daughter had a stomach bug last week, and now Kaleb has it. YUCK. kaleb does a Montessori Based HomeSchool Program, so we worked on refining (in the words of Kaleb) our *HO PUNCHING* skills. a skill that will come in useful someday. i mean, don't you use your HO PUNCHING skills often?


  1. I feel you(!) I got dengue and this sucks, although for some reason it has made me so productive today, or did, until I started crashing 30 minutes ago. Oh me!

  2. Oh dear?? he he he

    Praying for you little one....increased visits etc. It is sooo hard.

  3. I love your fish! :) Hole punching is difficult but ho punching comes pretty naturally. hehe.