Tuesday, April 5, 2011

something you dont know....

Something you don't know about me....i never wanted to have children. Mike poisoned my brain to make me believe it was the right thing to do. i knew i never should have trusted him...but i did. The photo (left) is from a book i wrote for him "100 reasons we should not have kids" After all those reasons, i still failed to change his mind.

i had/have enormous doubts in my mind about my ability to care for and love unconditionally. you see. i have a secret. i. am. selfish. in fact it's my middle name. but kids do something to you. they intoxicate you with sweetness and cuteness and make you forget all about the mishap they had scissors and hair.

i'm glad he changed my mind, but i'll never admit it. ever.


  1. He he he- totally funny. Yeah, we wanted children ....hmmm....now 8 children later...still want more :) God's joke on me! And I am VERY SELFISH! Good thing God loves me anyway :)

  2. I was selfish too and I also didn't want children. We agreed that we were probably better off not having any. And then I became pregnant (whoops.lol) and my life has never been the same. It changed for the better.:0)

  3. You're pretty good at hiding your true self...selfish.

  4. I admit that your non admissional admission is admittedly something other than an admission, but it's very close to the line of admission and suggests that you're starting to give in on the issue.

  5. My mom was soooo upset when Amaya cut her own hair. I laughed and she said, It's not funny!

    One of my friends just told me he and his wife-to-be aren't sure they want to have kids. I get the reasons that someone would want to not have kids, but I also DON't get it. Now that I have kids. I think you just don't know until they're there!