Thursday, April 28, 2011

i just received a notice...

i just received a notice that they will be increasing Baby J's visits with his birth mom. this only means one thing to me - CPS is preparing to send him home.

they can't just hand me a notice and expect me to be cool. don't they know i'm knocked up and full of CRAZY hormones.

i see a move to china in our future. surely a brown couple with a giant white 2 year old wont draw any attention.


  1. well maybe that means it's more chances for her to screw up and Baby J end up with you for good. I never understand things like this because they don't seem fair. And this is SO easier said than done but trust that He knows what's best and He's making it happen. Even if it doesn't seem like it

  2. That really blows!!

    I say go to Okinawa and you can pretend to be a part of the military crowd there. Hey don't ask don't tell ;)

  3. I'm so sorry...I say take off...these people will never even know the difference!!!

  4. Come to Brazil with us/ Lots of brown couples there with all colors of babies, lots and lots of babies AND you can adopt more babies while you are down there :)

    in all seriousness, I'm sorry. I'm sorry CPS is retarded.

  5. Ug! The uncertainty is the worst!