Monday, April 25, 2011

baby j celebrated his 2nd...

baby j celebrated his 2nd birthday yesterday. surrounded by friends and family. feeling as loved and spoiled as he deserves.

my prayer is that he is placed in the healthiest place for him. my prayer is that he is in the home that will show him TOO much love.
my prayer for him is that he will never know the turmoil of foster care that surrounds him.

baby j. you make me smile. i love you more and more each day. happy birthday.


  1. Too cute! I hope he had a great Birthday.

  2. Hi Blogging friend! I hope this doesn't sound weird but I missed reading your blogs! (I had to take a hiatus.) I was so happy to read your comment. Hope you're doing well. :-)

    Happy 2nd Birthday!

  3. How lovely! Happy birthday!!!!! 2's are so fun... or so Emma says.