Monday, March 21, 2011

when we were young...

when we were young, our family vacations consisted of traveling 26 miles to waikiki. they may not have been the 4 star hotels on the strip, but my family was there and we had free rein to jump on the beds. thats really what mattered.
our family had the great opportunity to stay at the koolina beach club for a few days. even though it's 10 minutes from home, it really is 100 million miles from reality. i had so much fun because my kids had fun. in fact my daughter stated she would not be returning to the old house, she liked the new one. i'll miss you days of swimming, maid service, and lava flow of course....


  1. it seriously sounds like THE PERFECT vacation. Traveling 10 minutes is ideal.

  2. Great photos.:)

    I agree with Damaris! 10 minutes away and still feeling like it's a vacation would be great!!

  3. I hear you! We just got back from a few days on Maui and now we're all in vacation withdrawals around here.

  4. I'm dreaming of this maid service!