Thursday, March 10, 2011

the saddest part of...

the saddest part of foster care is realizing you can't save them all.

for me it really is sad. it makes my heart hurt. it makes me question - everything.

i met this beautiful baby girl when she was born a few months ago. she is the foster daughter of a friend. she received a serious diagnosis this week. one that has her life ending within 2 years.

the reality is my family is not in the position to adopt her. the reality is finding a family to adopt her will be BEYOND difficult. the reality is she will die family-less.

family-less. the worst way to live. that breaks my heart. that brings tears to my eyes. family-less. the worst way to die.

i'm trying to figure out why god has placed her in my life. why i can't stop thinking of her big brown eyes? what is my purpose in her life?

i'm praying for her. wont you join me?


  1. This is incredibly sad. One Family adopts HIV children from Africa so that they can get medical treatment and not die. Praying for this little one and everyone whose life she touches!


    Oh how I would take her! In a heartbeat! Oh dear Jesus, MAY YOUR WILL BE DONE! And may that Will be her life FULL OF LOVE!

  3. Praying for that sweet little girl! That is one of the saddest things I have heard :( These kids, they deserve so, so much better.

  4. will you send me an email? i have questions about this little one...

  5. So very sad. I pray she gets a family...and that she knows that feeling of love and happiness in her life, however long or short that may be.

  6. I love stalking your blog!
    I love your perspective and your take on things pertaining to foster care. This can be such a HEARTBREAKING journey sometimes.
    I am putting together a foster mommy panel on my blog and am praying you will be a part of it. Please email me at for all the details.

  7. This is why I can not get the urge, the screams inside my head that tells me I need to adopt a child.

  8. Would you email me? I have some questions about helping foster kids and thought you might be able to help. I'll ask more specifics via email. Thanks!

  9. To bring awareness to others.