Thursday, March 31, 2011

it was bound to happen...

it was bound to happen. i just wish it didnt happen on my watch. i wish it happened on mikes so i could blame him, and i could remain perfect parent.

my daughter gave 1/4 of her left side of hair a bob.

it was my fault. we were working on her cutting skills...i left for 23.5 seconds to put baby j in his crib, and when i returned there were blond strands leading to behind the couch. it was there i found the guilty party.

she was more freaked out that now she wasn't Rapunzel anymore.


  1. Uh oh......just catching up on some blogs....
    So glad...don't know how this has happened, but we really haven't had hair cutting? :) whew....praying that continues?

  2. OH NO! But I have to say, that is one memory that you'll always have and 99% chance you'll look back and laugh (and I've got quite the giggle now out of it) ;)

  3. Ha Ha ha! Priceless! Cant wait till its my turn, LOL!

  4. I think that just about every kid does that at some point. I am terrified that someone will cut off one of my girls braids and make her bald. So, did she get a cute bob type haircut?

  5. I remember that I did that when I was younger --on my bangs (yikes!). Not a pretty sight. =)

    Look on the bright side --she had long-ish hair to begin with.

  6. It's a rite of passage for the kid and the parents. One time one of my kids did this, so I had to tell her she shouldn't cut her own hair, and it was all for naught because people kept telling her how great her new haircut looked!

  7. Sorry, that made me laugh. But that's mostly cause I thought you had to cut her hair off cause she got gum stuck in it.

  8. Youre a much better parent than me I never work on cutting or coloring skills.

  9. Hee, hee... I have to laugh...sorry!

  10. How did I miss this one? I'm snickering. I know bachi on myself, my time will come.

  11. I had to chuckle at the Rapunzel comment. Everyone says it's bound to happen so don't be too hard on yourself. We've had worse. so did you get her a new do? let's see some pics

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