Wednesday, February 9, 2011

today, stormie noticed someones... {hawaii adoption blog}

today, stormie noticed someones skin color. it was the first time ever. or at least the first time she said it out loud.

we were watching doogie, and raymond (the orderly) entered the room.

stormie *mommy. he's brown.*
me *mommy is brown*
stormie *no, mommy is pink and stormie is yellow*
me *but our color doesn't matter right? we still love everyone*
stormie *yeah. mommy i wanna be brown too*

i'm sad that she notices our color. for the obvious reason, but also because that means she's growing up and will soon realize that she wasnt made by me. then comes all the questions and feelings associated with that.

only god will be able to equip me with the right words and answers. and of course you all - my dear blogger friends.

when was the first time your children noticed color?


  1. Some earlier than others....usually around 4-5? Always pray God's wisdom when talking about it with our children. :)

  2. I don't know if my sister has really "noticed" it (she is 3.5) but she has 3 cousins who are Haitian, and whenever she sees a darker skinned person, she calls them by her cousins names. And she is Aboriginal and definitely quite a bit darker skinned than I am. But I don't know if she quite gets that yet. I too am sad about the conversations that will bring :( Definitely not easy!

  3. God will give you the right words when the time is right. Pray about it and have faith he will guide you through it! :)

  4. My kid is from me and he is still a different color. Just like I was from my parents. He noticed in pre-school. But has vocalized it more now---they had a lesson at school on Dr. Martin Luther King and that really brought some heavy questions home. Anyway, we teach the same lesson as you---we love everyone...color does not matter. Good job mamma.

  5. Last week Enzo came home and asked "why do my teachers keep telling me my skin is olive color" and I was like "yeah, why?" I'm not sure what happened in the classroom that day but I'm kind of bugged.

  6. This is something that I've been meaning to blog about for awhile but didn't know how to do it. Z has said numerous times to me that X is brown, but the rest of us are white. Right now I don't want to make a big deal of it to her. She is correct in her observation. I have also told her that it doesn't matter what color we are, but just on the inside what our hearts are like. Sigh...I so dread the day X realizes she is "different".