Monday, February 14, 2011

this man is my valentine.... {hawaii family blog}

this man is my valentine.

this man is the best dad to all the children that call this home.

this man is the best husband when i want control of the remote.

this man is an amazing worship leader.

this man is the worst teller of lies.

this man is the best at reminding me that i am worth every cent.

i love you handsome. and so do the crazies - in their own way.


  1. happy valentine's day! so happy that you have so much to celebrate and so many amazing valentines :)

  2. Does "this man" have his own blog? And where does he lead worship?

  3. I hope you had a wonderful valentine's Day.
    Yes! I think your husband is cute too.

  4. You guys are soooo cute. I know. You're not in the picture, but I can just see you as part of the package.

    Your comment made me laugh. We are so on the same page. We have to hang out some time. Please.