Wednesday, February 23, 2011

here is a photo of the... {hawaii family blog}

here is a photo of the company my daughter keeps in her bed. very scary. apparently they all help her sleep better.


  1. i was ok until I saw the rat.... now that kind of freaked me out. My kids LOVE to have tons of stuffed animals in their beds.

  2. Classic! My DD has a fuzzy worm that she named "Doo Da Day" (from the song). Love it how kids can embrace even stuff that give us the ujis!

  3. VIOLET! Let me explain :)... The blond-haired Fisher Price doll is known as the beloved "Violet" in our home. Her hair looked about the same way 2 years ago (my oldest used to carry her around by her hair), way worse in recent months with several bald spots etc. and Mommy finally decided she needed to go for a swim in the wash machine. Well...she survived the wash but her 'do did NOT survive the dryer. Yikes, it is now matted atop her head, feels like straw and my girls say she looks like "an ice cream cone" :) I think they love her even more for it! Thanks for making me smile!

  4. Okay, I totally get the dolls. I do. But the rat? hmm... BUT whatever will help them sleep better, I'm all for it, as long as they are not alive!

  5. "Violet"s hair, seen here:


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