Friday, February 11, 2011

could my daughter really... {hawaii parenting blog}

could my daughter really be crushing by 4? if i remember correctly, when i was 4 boys still had cooties.

who is her crush? none other than Justin Bieber.

she requests his song in the car. and pretends to talk to him on the phone. at bed time she chose to pray for her princess shoes, but her daddy insisted she pray for a human. and she chose bieber.
I guess if his movie is successful he has her to thank. and god.


  1. Kids are older at a younger age don't ya think? My kid likes the Bieber too...maybe not in the same way as yours though. LOL.

  2. That is so sweet! Beiber fever knows no bounds!

    She is so cute.

  3. Ah! She's got the Bieber fever! Cute! Scary but cute.

  4. That is SOOO cute! 4 years old and already have a crush!!!

  5. Wishing you and yours a fabulous chocolate filled day! BTW how are you feeling?

  6. Haha! Love this! I have to say that I did crush at that age. I was a terrible flirt though!