Tuesday, January 25, 2011

it's possible that i'm... {hawaii Blogger}

it's possible that i'm the only ding dong in hawaii...

in hawaii when someone does something wrong, shameful, or that's gonna land them in trouble - we say alā! or a variation of it like hambala...halala,...ala la ukulele peanut butta' jelleh' mama kissed the bebe....

ha ha crazy right? i felt crazy writing it but ask any kid in hawaii if i'm lying.

well yesterday i was reading the Honolulu Magazine and i discovered what the REAL saying is...

Ahana kōkō lele!

Which means - Shame on you! You are going to catch it!

Did you know that...please tell me you didnt.


  1. I did not know that, thank you Sonya! :)

  2. Ummmm, I did. Sorry!
    Yup, as a kid my friends and classmates all said "Ahana koko lele! Peanut buttah, jelleh!"

    The whole "Hambalala" and "Mama kiss da Bebeh" parts are something I only heard with my kids nowadays, and as soon as I heard them say it I "corrected" them with the "real" way to say it, heh heh!

  3. HAHA that is so funny! I only knew it as halallala koko nana or halala kokolele. never the ahana part. ahh I love Hawaii.

  4. haha.... this whole time I thought it was "hana uku lele".....OMG... add me to the ding dong list. LOL!

  5. Oh, I'm a ding dong I guess. Good thing Hostess ding dongs are my favorite guilty treat.

    And I grew up in big island country so you know we did it old school.

    we said 'ala ukalele, peanut buttah jelleh"

    Way different from the real thing. I never knew. And now that I know...I'm not sure that I can still remember to say it correctly.

  6. Ha ha ha I always thought it was "hana okolele..."

  7. I didn't...I never know these things.

  8. Tell me if you got in the invite to the private blog. it's showing you did :)

  9. Like a previous commenter, I always thought it was "hana okolele" too. ;) Thanks for sharing this bit of Hawaii trivia!

  10. Sorry mama.. I knew that one. LOL!!
    Mitch always says it to Maya when she sneaks out with her paci... Ahana koko lele mama kissed da bebe

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