Wednesday, January 12, 2011

i love to honk my horn. {hawaii lifestyle blog}

i love to honk my horn. no really i do. and here in hawaii, it's basically committing a sin.

going to too slow? i honk. driving like a fool? i honk. dont go the second the light turns green? i honk. look cute in those shades? i honk.

NO ONE IN HAWAII HONKS. to steal the words of Rachel Zoe - it drives me ba. nanas. i even honk when i'm not driving. my husband is a non honker, and i feel it's my responsibility to honk, even when he's at the wheel.

i guess you can call me the hall monitor of the freeway. i love my job.

are you a honker?


  1. My horn is broken and it drives me insane not to be able to honk at people. People need to be honked more than ever before in my opinion. Though it usually ends up with the person I'm honking using hand gestures to indicate how much they appreciate my rebuke of their bad driving skills.

  2. bah hahahhahahhaa this is great, i am not much of a honker. my hubby likes to give 2 quit beeps to people he would consider idiots though :)

  3. I honk at people who almost drive into me or make me slam on my brakes to avoid hitting them. I feel they need to know they almost caused an accident. To make up for the honking, I try to drive with aloha in between near accidents and yield the right of way, let people into my lane, etc.

  4. haha I never honk, i'm always worried somebody will get offended and start tailing me.

  5. TOTAL HONKER. For all your reasons and more...look at me funny...HONK! It's all you've got when you're behind the wheel.

  6. Guilty! I'm a honker! And I throw up the finger, not that one. My thumb. Cuz I'm sarcastic like that ;)