Monday, January 3, 2011

i am heading into... {hawaii blogger}

i am heading into the new year expecting a miracle.
i am expecting to be blessed and be a blessing in return.
i am believing we will adopt baby j.
i am believing god will send us another baby.

what is the miracle your expecting in 2011? let me know and i'll add you to my prayer list.

Happy New Year Friends


  1. Oh, I pray that your prayers will be answered. =)

  2. New year, new baby sounds good to me!

  3. Selfishly, peace of mind and peace in my heart.

  4. Happy New Year! I'm praying for lots of blessings for you.

  5. that Christian will get a grant. he's been working so hard on grant writing I really hope he gets a grant.

  6. Miracles. They do happen. And I'm hoping for that miracle in your family! Thanks for thinking of me today (I actually do believe it), and for stopping by to say something. I really do appreciate it! I'm thinking of the type of miracle I'm hoping for this year. It will have something to do with my oldest son, the miracle of change. Here's to miracles!

  7. Our God is a god of miracles! 2010 was overflowing with miracle after miracle for us. Isn't it grand that He still performs miracles today?

  8. My prayers and love are with you! What a lovely thing to hope for this new year!

  9. I needed to hear that... your attitude and faith is truly an inspiration. I was just reading a devotion about Jesus performing a miracle and he said "according to your faith it will be done unto you". Big faith = big miracles and girl you got it! Now I just need to work on mine.

  10. Buck - Thank you a million times.
    Larisa - How good does a baby sound? good enough that you'd want your own?!?!
    Dolle- your all over my prayer list sister
    Janell - Thank you!
    Da - YOU GOT IT!!
    Ipo - i'm praying for your miracle.
    Penelope - AMAZING
    Ana - Thank you!
    Mary - FOR KEEPS - key word
    abmspaz - you got your miracle today and were blessed with a Job!!! i'm praying for you friend

  11. ill keep you guys in my prayers! im praying that my husband gets his cdl and the career he really wants and that well be financially stable enough for me to keep being a stay-home mom which i love so much and still be able to get our own place :)