Monday, December 6, 2010

the time has come... {hawaii motherhood blog}

the time has come when our 3 toddlers have learned to out smart 2 adults. i didnt think it would come so quickly, but once again we have under estimated them

so yesterday was THE longest day in the world. after we got all the kids in the house, my husband and i were unloading the swagger wagon. as we approached the house i heard him asking our 4 year old to open the door. then begging her to open the door. then begging the 3 year old to open the door. the 1 year old was no help.

the kids locked us out. of the house.

our 4 year old eventually began to panic when she realized she didnt know how to get us back in. luckily our kitchen window was open and my hubby popped out the screen.

it could have been a lot worse. i suspect one day it will be.

have you under estimated your crazies?


  1. My little ones have locked me in a bedroom before! Kinda made me nervous. Your not alone!

  2. all the freakin time! they may be little but they can pack quite a punch with their antics!

  3. oh my gosh that's crazy. was your husband mad?

  4. crack me up, lizzy has locked me out and my husband out. luckily we had people in the house besides just her to unlock the door :)

  5. Sonya! I love your writing and the realism in your posts. I can totally relate! Love it!

  6. PotterMama - SCARY....

    Larisa - sure can!

    Da - at first we were kinda talking to them in a mad voice through the window, but then we realized that wasn't gonna get us anywhere, so we faked a nice voice.

    MamaFoster - ha ha ha!!

    Ash - thank you so much!

  7. i love this story.
    i once shut the two year old that i watch in his room because he was throwing a serious fit and i needed to walk away from him and just shut the door. he locked it. i freaked out. he can lock doors, no problem. but unlocking them- that's a challenge.
    luckily i found out that they have keys to all of the doors in the house...

  8. and by "this story" in my comment above, i meant your story. haha.