Monday, December 13, 2010

i love taking photos of... {hawaii photography blog}

i love taking photos of children...the trick is trying to get children to like taking photos...

i'm not so good at that.

i did love playing with the Medrano Ohana this weekend. i'm always grateful to them for trusting me with such an important job!

what are your secrets to making kids feel comfortable around the camera?


  1. Maybe being overly animated and excited to get their attention? It works somewhat with my ADHD kid.

  2. uh- these photos are awesome!!! i love the pink stripe in her hair!
    letting you know that i have a change of blog address:


  3. awesome pictures! I have a hard time taking pics of my kids also. I try simon says, silly faces, telling secrets, and they still get bored after 10 min. hehe.

  4. hey! i know them! :o). their daughter went to uka! she was in another class though... :o).

  5. Penelope - yes - act crazy!
    Becca - THANK YOU
    Janell - mine too!
    Twiggee - Yes!! great family!