Tuesday, November 9, 2010

raise your hand if... {hawaii family blog}

raise your hand if you're GRATEFUL for Costco Chicken.....


it's perfectly tasting. perfectly priced. perfectly crafted. GEEEZZZZ it's so good it even has it's own freakin' facebook fan page. look at that sexy bird.


  1. I know. Why is it so good? Foodland chicken is never as good as Costco chicken. It's like they put crack in it. My daughter just wants the skin.

  2. (Frantically waving hand in the air!) Meeeee!!! Use it for other recipes where chicken is an ingredient and not necessarily the focal point. :) Makes life so much easier!

    It's unbelievable to watch the workers pull them from the rotisserie and TRY to keep the shelf full. I don't know how many come off at a time but they "fly" out the door better than most birds I've seen! :)

    Share links to your posts at the Carnival of Aloha! Love this stuff! :)

  3. Mariko - NEVER as good. i can't leave my husband alone with this bird, or else all the skin will be gone too!

  4. Sprite - YES, i like using it for enchiladas because it cuts down on some of my work :) do you have a blog?

  5. Blogger had me logged in as Sprite but, yes, I do! That's where the Carnival of Aloha is. :) Sorry for the confusion!

  6. ooohhhhh OK I'll go check it out right now!!