Monday, November 22, 2010

my son is a freak. {hawaii motherhood blog}

my son is a freak. i was reading and drinking my coffee - when i heard him screaming in the kitchen. he came down stairs and was UNCONSOLABLE. he was sobbing. i tried to calm him down, while figuring out when was wrong.

finally he muttered *my teeth broke* i searched in his mouth and everything was in place. he said *look mama. my teeth broke* just then he held of a grain of old rice he found on the floor.

i was laughing telling him, *son - that is old piece of rice, not your tooth* in less than 1 second his tears dried up and said *oh. sorry.*



  1. Ohhhh! Poor sweetie pie! That made me chuckle tho seeing as that I have 4 kids and have had more of those moments than I can count! My fav is when my 10 year old son was SO excited he could hardly spit out that he had "Official gone through puberty!" When I dared ask why he thought so he exlaimed he had hair under his arms and invited me to check it out. Alas, it was lint not hair and I had to break the news to him! ;)

  2. when's the book coming out? that's the funniest sh...stuff, I heard all day.

  3. HAHAHAHAHA!!! That is Hilarious!!!

  4. In our family, if he'd been skating, it would have been his tooth!

  5. you said it sister... he freakin funny

  6. Healthy - that. is. hilarious!
    Larisa - that story is exactly who he is.
    Potter - He's crazy!
    Jhen - isn't it!?!
    Maura - right?!?
    Penelope - ha ha ha - what kind of skating do you all do?
    Ness - he is a freak.