Wednesday, November 17, 2010

my oldest child just... {hawaii mommy blogger}

my oldest child just turned 4 years old. that means it's been 4 years since i last brushed my hair. i'm kinda kidding and kinda not...mostly not.


  1. Happy birthday to the's to at least four more years of unkempt hair! :-)
    Mine is 7, that's 3 more years I've been looking ROUGH! Ha, ha!

  2. Is there a "like button" like in Facebook? I'd so press it. lol.

    Happy Birthday! :-)

  3. ARGH! It lost my comment. Blogger!?!@#$%

    Ha ha. My friend stopped shaving when she got married, so I think you're not too far gone.
    Happy birthday to the 4 year old. Maybe when you have a 5 year old you can catch your breath a little.

  4. ha! so it isn't only me who doesn't brush her hair? :)

  5. this is great. my oldest is 4 this friday and I hear you about the "kinda not" :)

  6. Larisa - here! here!
    Trace - thank you!
    Mariko - oh no...i havent stopped shaving yet...yet....
    leah - nope. not only you.
    Christina - definitely kinda not....