Monday, November 8, 2010

my favorite color is... {hawaii photography blog}

my favorite color is orange so i was GRATEFUL when i heart faces selected ORANGE as their theme for this weeks challenge!

I chose to use of my favorite photo of stormie eating carrots for the first time! Hard to believe my little princess will be 4 soon!


  1. Oh that is just adorable, those cheeks are gorgeous.

    I would love to know what caused that incredible smile!

  2. adorable picture of that beautiful face.

    I don't know how to help my lizzy either.


  3. She looks so happy! This photo just made me smile big. :)

  4. Monami - Thank you!
    mom- it's always her daddy making her laugh!
    Seline - Cute yeah!?
    Our Pictures - Thank you!
    MamaFoster - i'm praying for you!
    Buck - it always makes me smile too!