Monday, November 29, 2010

i prayed for kaleb for... {hawaii motherhood blog}

i prayed for kaleb for many many years. most times on my knees. i wanted him that badly. i wanted him on my time. but alas. god has his own watch. and runs on his own time. Kaleb came on gods time. the perfect time.
the perfect time came three years ago. the day i birthed a child. the day my faith blossomed. the day my son was born. i love watching this video of him making an entrance a few minutes after being born. happiest birthday to you my boy.


  1. Sweet. Happy Birthday to him (and you!)

  2. Oh yes you got me..beautiful...crying here.

  3. i was waiting for the video to be working, last night it wasn't there according to my computer. i am sure it is just because of the tiny screen but your keleb looked just like my son when he was born :) what a great day - i just love the cheer that went up when he was wheeled out. God has been very good to us.

  4. I got little chills. Babies are amazing.
    I love your fix it Fridays too. !! You need to teach me.

  5. Holy smokes I'm running out of tissues!! OMG! Fantastic moment that you'll captured to be remembered always. Makes me want to have another!

  6. Larisa - Thank you!

    Da - isn't it sweet!?

    amber - i have some tissue for you!

    mamafoster - SO good to us.

    Mariko - babies are magic

    Ash - YES DO IT!!