Friday, November 5, 2010

i always dream of moving... {hawaii lifestyle blog}

i always dream of moving to the mainland where it's cheaper. and where there are actually other seasons besides SUMMER...BUT i am GRATEFUL for this place i call home. this rock in the middle of the pacific and the MANY things that are unique to this place.

* every person here having at least 3 ethnicities that make them up
* having our own language, you can tell who is from here by how well they speak pidgin. **if you can translate this words in the photo - you are LOCAL**
* the ability to wear slippahs (NOT FLIP FLOPS) 365 days a year
* feeling cold when the temperature drops to 73 degrees
* being able to flash anyone a shaka and get a shaka in return....



  1. Guess I'm still local as I'm to shame to translate that last word in a public setting. Wink Wink

  2. So jealous. We have one season in Canada too, only it's WINTER! Brrrrr.

  3. I want to live in Hawaii just so I can be closer to you.

  4. on of my fiends is stationed in hawaii-well, was for the first part of his training and he fell in love with it there. i think anyone would :)

  5. Dolle - exactly! can you imagine a grown man wearing this?

    beck - i dont do well in cold...

    morrison - i love you.

    mama - and your tribe need to come visit.

  6. LOL! Love it. I moved away and had the seasons and everything else the mainland had to offer but there in NO place like home.

  7. Ha! Most people I know dream of living in Hawaii, whether they've ever been there or not. Hawaii is an idealized place for those of us living in the cold, cold north America. I've never seen a picture of Hawaii that didn't make it look like a little slice of Heaven, and here you are dreaming of moving away from Hawaii! It's hard to imagine someone not wanting to be there for any reason! AND, they shot Lost there. How cool is that? But every place has it's good and bad, doesn't it. Still: Spend one month of February in Michigan, with the winds howling off of Lake Erie, and I bet you might get down and kiss the ground of your wonderful, warm Hawaii. But wherever you live, there's no place like home...

  8. Mapu - NO PLACE!!

    OneBig - i know!! i could never make it out in the big bad mainland!!! i am such a wimp when it comes to cold!! and i would miss the hawaiian culture and food!! i'm all talk!

  9. I lived in Honolulu in the 90's and moved to the East Coast. Planning my return already. By this time next year, I am going to be an Island Homeboy for good!

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