Tuesday, November 23, 2010

baby j's worker was gonna

baby j's worker was gonna make me wait a whole week for some news she needed to share...the thing is - social workers have no clue that we as foster parents are hanging on to every word they say...that you love this child as your own and any little change in the case can send you on a rampage or eating binge.

i called her yesterday and told her i was gonna die if i had to wait till next monday. she thinks i'm kidding. we're clearly not kidding.

baby j's birthmother is testing positive. which made me filled with hope that our case will proceed. the news also filled me with sickness for the unborn baby she is carrying.

thats right her 6th child is on the way.


  1. Hooray for progress! But the mom testing positive and being pregnant made me ill.... :( Praying for her unborn child and for her to stop for her baby's sake!

  2. Sometimes I wish that when people are not ready to share something, they would not say that they have something to share, but that they'd share it later.

  3. hoping this is good news for you guys AND that God is putting a barrier between mom and the baby inside her

  4. I can semi-relate, even though I'm not a foster mom, I'm a step mommy raising her step kids as her own. And I wish that their mother would stop being a baby making machine and try to be a part of their lives more. But at the same time it's a little easier on me.

  5. Same song, second verse - same as the first.

  6. I hear you on the waiting. Don't they know we have spent our entire adult lives WAITING for something or another?!!!

  7. hang in there! eating binge...clearly i have been waiting to hear news my whole life. :-)

  8. Potter - thank you for the prayers!
    Buck - EXACTLY!
    Leah - god always has it under control...right?
    addicted - yeah - sometime we have to be careful what we wish for...
    Penelope - EXACTLY!
    Laurie - what dont they get ;)
    Larisa - ha ha ha i started quite a while ago too