Wednesday, November 10, 2010

although stormie may not... {hawaii adoption blog}

although stormie may not have my DNA we are very much alike, more than i like to take credit for. maybe that's why we fight so much.

1. when we get hurt (physically), we get angry. we hate being consoled.

2. we hate pickles

3. if we're not GREAT at something, we dont want anything to do with it.

4. we dont like physical affection.

5. we're the tannest ones in the family

6. we have patience issues

7. we are very loud.

8. we both love to take pictures.

My stormie girl. you are my shining light. without you my world would be dark. it feels my heart with lovelovelove to see my dreams and wishes for you come true. happiest 4th birthday princess.


  1. Happy 4th birthday! Praying your year is full of more blessings than you can imagine.

  2. i think it is awesome, and all your fault ;)

    she will be an amazing grown up then

  3. She is sweet! Happy Birthday!

  4. Penelope - beautiful! thank you!

    Mama - i'll guess i can take credit

    Beck - Thank you!!

  5. Happy birthday Stormie. Continue to do exactly what you're doing. You seem like an awesome kid.

  6. Ha ha ha.
    Nurture wins. And you are a good nurturer.
    I think I am very like you both as well.
    Except I like pickles. Kind of.

  7. Oh I feel this way too about my daughter!!! She is deathly afraid of bugs and will scream long after they are gone (like her mama), she LOVES the color pink. Loves it. :) AND she will stand up to injustices she sees anywhere, anytime....loudly, at only 3 years old! Child after my own heart. :)

  8. Mariko! you could be our triplet. but dont bring the pickles...although i do like them in tuna
    Laurie - LOVE IT...thanks for sharing your story! you are teaching her well!