Friday, November 12, 2010

2 weeks ago our family, {hawaii family blogger}

2 weeks ago our family lost Batman - our family pet of 10 years. what a special really - he was special. developmental delay special. dont believe me? he was a product of his mother AND brother getting hot and heavy. believe me now? thought so. we all called him Bubba. as a matter of fact it was all of my kids first word - BUBBA! Now my kids say he's in Kevin (heaven).

Bubba - you will be missed. i hope you get all the scooby snacks you want and get a replacement nut (he only had one). and please dont embarrass the family by asking jesus to scratch your butt. just sayin'


  1. That has to be about the best dog eulogy I've ever read/heard. Sorry for your loss. Cute dog.

  2. Maybe he'll meet my dog Mickey at Kevins! :) Batman's such a cutie! Sorry for your loss, pets are such a big part of families.

  3. I'm sorry about your loss, losing pets is so hard. They're like family. He was a cutie.

  4. OneBig - ha ha THANK YOU...i was trying to make it funny so my mom wouldnt cry (again) when she read it.
    Beth - aawww bats and Mickey will be BFF's
    Janelle - Thank you!!