Tuesday, October 26, 2010

when i am at the farm... {hawaii lifestyle blog}

when i am at the farm, i feel like i am in a different world.

there is no hate. there is no anger. there is no waste. there is only learning. love. acceptance. sharing. respect.

my kids know this feeling. they beg me to go there ALL the time.

they know that at the farm - there is no limit to learning. exploring. touching.

peaceful. rest. connection with mother earth.

and to sweeten the deal...after a hard days work - you leave with yummy loot.


  1. your pictures are so beautiful! It makes me miss the farm so much!

  2. ana - thank you!

    Maura and Mama Foster - when you all visit hawaii i take you there!

    Jenn - THANK YOU...there really is no other place like it right? the farm misses you!

    Maggie & myheart - THANKS!

  3. OOO! I wish i had a farm. As a kid I loved walking around my grandparents' when we visited.

  4. Sonya! Your pictures totally make me miss the farm...our early Saturdays helping the kids (and ourselves) earn enough money to go on a field trip....the lovely lunch afterwards....just hanging out at the farm...I still have the bowl you got me! I miss you guys so much!