Wednesday, November 3, 2010

unfortunately my guy didnt... {hawaii lifestyle blog}

unfortunately my guy didnt win the election yesterday, but i'm not bitter....ok mabye a bit.

politics in hawaii pretty different from the mainland. take for example the way our candidates campaign...walking door to door AND standing on the side of the road and throwing shakas. i really did try to get a picture for you but i almost crashed my car TWICE, so if you wanna see what i'm talking about - go here!

on the other hand, i did receive some produce from a candidate running for State Representative. ONLY IN HAWAII...

what about where you are things unique there?


  1. You made me laugh when you mentioned trying to take pictures of sign wavers and almost crashing. I can imagine myself doing the same! :) Probably a good thing I never had my camera with me when I saw them and thought, "I should blog about sign waving." My kids will miss the sign wavers, but I'm sure the next election cycle will roll around before we know it.

  2. We have a few bus tours and sign waving in Texas, but our Land Commissioner, had the funniest {Texas} commercial.
    "hi, I'm Jerry Patterson, and I carry a gun in my boot!"

    Sure fits the stereotype, huh?

  3. Oahu!! ha ha!! i wish i could have gotten a photo!! next cycle FOR SURE!

    Penelope - HA HA HILARIOUS!!