Wednesday, October 27, 2010

today i watched Oprah... {hawaii mommy blogger}

today i watched oprah. she featured the story of a couple that lost their 3 young children in a car accident - AT THE SAME TIME. there was no humanly way possible for me to stop my crying. my heart aches for them. hurts for them.

i complain that my kids are crazy. they are. but i would love to live this crazy life a million days than to never have lived it at all.

my 3 crazies.


  1. same here. I think the empathy gene gave me a double dose

  2. I have three crazies too. And just thinking about going through something like that gives me a nervous breakdown.

  3. nikki - too!!

    OneBig - crazies are the best.

  4. I cried so much and then hugged my crazies (only 2 at the moment) and didn't want to let go!

  5. I saw that episode!! Crazy and terribly sad! But isn't it even crazier how they had triplets later?

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. I am slowly pushing myself to get back into blogging. Finally posting tonight!!

    Thank you for the push. I needed it. :-/

  6. don't do it don't watch oprah it will break your heart into millions pf piece.

    my dream is to be on oprah one day. don't tell ANYONE!

    oh and your kids may be crazy but today i realized that YOU are crazy. i knew you had small kids but 3,2,1...yeah, crazy.

  7. Trace! i know right!! TRIPLETS! glad you coming back to blogging!

    Da - your secret is safe with the internet. and YES i'm CRAZY. i just need one more and i'm DONE...i'm getting too old for kids.