Monday, October 25, 2010

my handsome boy and i... {hawaii Motherhood Blog}

my handsome boy and i joined his tiny tot class at the Aloun Farm for the pumpkin patch! we had such a great time. I was so blessed to get some alone time with him!


  1. I love this photo. He is handsome indeed! Glad you made it out to the pumpkin patch. It's a blast, isn't it? :) Will you be carving your pumpkin? If so, would love to see the end result.

  2. Man he is cute!! Looks like so much fun. And he is pretty strong picking up that big pumpkin:)

  3. Sooo cute! Look at him sooo happy ;)

  4. beck - thanks! would you mind sending me an invite to your blog again...i tried to get in but it wasn't allowing me!

    Donna - oohh we had lots of fun and thank the gods but it was overcast! we chose not to carve...i was scared someone would lose a limb! so we painted them ha ha

    maura - he was showing off for me ;)

    ana - he made me take him back today ha ha i think he's gonna be a farmer

    cooking - So fun!! LOVE your blog - thanks for visiting!