Tuesday, October 19, 2010

last week marked baby...

last week marked baby j's 1 year anniversary in foster care. not sure if anniversary is the correct word. it almost makes it sound joyous. it marked his one year with our family. in one year nothing has changed. we're still waiting. and waiting. waiting for the foster care system to make a move. waiting for a birth mother to make a move. waiting. in fact, the title of the blog should have been *one year in foster care will get you NO WHERE*

when my friends were going through tuff times last week, it got me scared. i am in too far now. there is no turning back. if we lose him. we lose a piece of us.

oh baby j. will you stay with me forever.


  1. Oh I know how you feel we are 7 months in with our little girl and life would be so different without her. She has a court date this week but I am sure it will just be continued. I will be praying for Baby j and the rest of your family. Foster care is such a slow process.

  2. it looks so real in black and white "one year in foster care will get you no where".

    i hate that that is true.

  3. Several families in our church have been through the same kinds of things. One of the moms told me once that she just takes each day and sees it as an opportunity to show each child the love of Christ. They eventually adopted four children and have an amazing family.

  4. I'm so sorry. I hope you get to keep him for ever and ever!

  5. LOVE the new look of the blog!! We've been told that Lil bit has to be in the country FIVE years before he can become a citizen...don't know how long it will be before we can adopt our lil illegal...

  6. Ugh.... That is so sad... I think that our little guy may be "stuck" in the system for at least a good year too according to his attorney... Hoping you hear good news soon...

  7. Uhh isn't it so frustrating? No one else seems to want them, and yet nothing is being done!

  8. I'm teaching a class of foster parent recruits right now, and it is SO HARD for me not to be just a little cynical when I talk about how things really go down in the system. So frustrating.
    Praying for you all.

  9. maura - it's frustrating how they schedule the court dates SO far apart!
    mama foster - sad right?!?
    onebig - your friends right...that is our ultimate purpose - to show them gods love
    da - me too!
    penelope - thank you!
    the momma - here's to both of us receiving good news
    beck - SO frustrating.
    maggie - ha ha you should start a supplemental class...the truth about foster care.

  10. Ha, if you had the truth about foster care classes then who would actually go through with it.

    It took almost 3 years to get TPR on our kids and the parents never did a thing except visit so they could screw the kids up more.

    Someone else is raising your child, how bad do you want them back. I think that bios are given too much time.

  11. felicia - exactly. and sadly bio parents have TOO many rights!