Friday, October 29, 2010

i was having an anxiety attack... {hawaii foster parent blog}

i was having an anxiety attack because baby j's worker called to see if she could come by to *discuss some stuff* - YIKES. i immediately went to dark thoughts of them taking him today! i know highly unlikely BUT i was scared. she instead came to ensure that my husband and i were still on board to want to adopt him, if his birth mothers rights are terminated. our answer: YES.

we go to court in December, which i'm not that confident about but she is, so i'm riding on her confidence.

i can't wait till we're off the foster care roller coaster - i'm never riding it again. yes i am. no i'm not. yes i am. no i'm not. yes i am.


  1. "yes i am. no i'm not. yes i am. no i'm not. yes i am."

    crack me up, glad I'm not the only one who feels like that!

  2. I can totally see myself getting on this roller coaster right there with you. Just please stay in my life if and when we decide it is our time. I will need a mentor.

  3. Why must this be so stressful. We have court coming up too and its so hard to guess how its going to work out. I feel like anything could happen. {Sigh} What a roller coster it is!

  4. MamaFoster - i am crazy right there with you!

    Damaris - ABSOLUTELY! you will need a whole team!

    Maura - yeah why? the worker said she would never be a foster parent!

    Dollee - i know!

  5. It's so worth it but I wish you didn't have to deal with that crap!

  6. I am always so nervous when I see the Social Worker on caller id.

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