Thursday, October 14, 2010

babies have a way of stealing... {hawaii foster care blog}

kaleb and baby c

babies have a way of stealing your heart. foster babies have a habit of stealing your heart and then breaking it into a million tiny pieces when they leave your home.

wow. that was harsh. but yesterday was a day of not so good news.

today, a fellow foster mommy will lose her foster baby that has been with her for 17 months. to top that off, a good friend of mine is in serious jeopardy of losing her foster son (baby c)...

i would love to see these children return to safe, healthy homes. but that just isn't the case here. makes me sad that the foster care system isn't really set up to protect children. it's set up to shuffle kids around with the illusion of fixing broken adults.


  1. My heart is broken to hear this! So broken!

  2. it doesn't always end like this, but right now, for us, it feels that way.

    but, i see your kids beautiful faces and i see that there is hope...somewhere.

  3. Big sigh. Hugs and prayers to your friends and especially to the babies who the system seems to be failing. So sad.

  4. That is so heartbreaking. I have been there, and the pain is unimaginable. We can only pray that Someone out there knows what He is doing. Praying for these sweet families.

  5. First time here, I've seen you comment on other "foster care" blogs and decided to come visit.

    I'm a senior in highschool and my family has been fostering for ten years. The pain, the heart ache, the sometimes seems unbearable. I love that there is this common bond between foster families, though.

    Nice to "meet" you. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  6. that makes me SO sad.... every child deserves to know that they are loved ALWAYS and if their birth families are unable to provide that then they need to be with someone who does.

  7. Dang. You are so right on. My good friend Victoria was in foster care her whole life until she timed out. Her stories are almost unbearable to hear.

    I this awesome friends, a lesbian couple, who are killer moms. They were trying to adopt a baby that they were fostering but once the grandma found out that they were lesbian she took the baby away. It was tragic, specially for the baby who was in excellent hands and then got put back in a home full of turmoil and abuse.

  8. How absolutely heartbreaking, I am praying for these families and these children. It amazes me how twisted the foster care system is.

  9. jhen - mine too...
    mama - chin up young person!
    oahu mom - so so sad!
    beck - thank you for praying my friend.
    kylee - thank you thank you for stopping by...i love your blog...
    abmspaz - gotta keep praying!
    Da - wow. i know one thing for sure...EVERYONE deserves a family. adults and children.
    polly - totally twisted!

  10. I don't know how the foster system works, but that is absolutely heartbreaking... I guess all you could do is pray and hope that the babies will go to a loving, safe, and secure home.

  11. I hate the way good doesn't always win. It grates in my brain.

    I judge Christian bumper stickers just for existing. Actually, I really just dislike bumper stickers. They're always trying to offend someone.

  12. buckeroomama - prayer is all we got. and His promise.
    mariko - ha ha awesome! you are so RIGHT about bumper stickers!!

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