Wednesday, October 20, 2010

after three little boys...

after three little boys my friend Kassandra has added a princess to her ohana. She is such a beauty and i was so so happy to snap a photo of her sleeping soundly. congratulations on your princess!!



  1. Awww!! Beautiful! Thanks so much Sonya!! Your so talented!! Luv ya!!

  2. Such great lighting on that photo! We would like a girl but just 2 boys keeps us busy- esp. Stinkpot! Do you have an email subscription? I use MailChimp.

  3. kass - no your talented ;)
    nikki - she is!! i love her little lips!
    Penelope - i know! i'm thankful for the giant window in the living room! girls are MUCH harder than boys! i dont have an email subscription..i'm gonna check out the one you use.