Wednesday, September 29, 2010

when i was a freshman in.... {hawaii lifestyle blogger}

when i was a freshman in high school my dad drove a 1983 ford granada. hideous. it was hanging on by a thread and some duct tape. it whistled while it worked. literally. whistled. my sister and dad would wait in front of my high school to pick me up. at the encouraging of my dad, she would stick her head out the window and yell my name. i would run as fast as i could to get in without worrying about that ugly car ruining my rep.

so shame. if i was in therapy i'd bring this up. but i have you internet, so you get to hear all about how my parents ruined me.


  1. Sounds like most of the cars I've driven all my life. I have a drive 'em 'till they drop attitude about cars because I don't like car payments. But now you make me wonder: Am I ruining my kids?!

  2. andrea - shameful right?

    oneBig - you sounds just like my dad. congratulations. your just gave your kids something to blame you for in therapy. :)

  3. Ha ha ha. I totally use the internet as my therapist.
    This also strangely reminds me of that John Candy movie-- Uncle Buck.

  4. this makes me miss Hawaii so much. even if you have a nice car it gets beat up quickly with all the salt in the air.

    hey at least your dad remembers your name.

    my dad totally calls baby Maria something else and can not remember her name even though I named her after HIS MOTHER.

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