Wednesday, September 15, 2010

there are so many factors.... {hawaii adoption blog}

there are so many factors that come along with a drug baby. 90% of which arent invisible when "looking" at the child. many people say..."stormie looks fine." yeah she does. she's beautiful in fact. but in her head the parts of the brain that should be making connections are not. the sensory input she needs is enough to hurt any grown up. she struggles with behavior issues, impulse control, and lacks the ability to sit still and focus.

thank the lord for Easter Seals, who educated us about Sensory Processing Disorder, and gave us ways to help her be the best stormie. Now her pre-school is helping her and us with these things.

my problem is ballet. stormie clearly loves it. practices. and talks very highly of her teacher. the teacher is excellent. in class stormie is unfocused and sometimes she floats off to somewhere else in her mind. i want to talk with the teacher. i want to make an excuse for stormie. more importantly, i wanna make an excuse for myself. do they think i'm a bad parent because my daughter can't focus for 60 minutes? probably. i wanna tell them i'm not. i wanna apologize for her getting extra attention and distracting the other ballerinas...i wanna tell them there are other things happening with her.

should i? at what point am i making excuses for her? is the real issue with me and i need to get over it. talk to me. honestly. i wont be offended. promise.


  1. Yes, talk to them. Share with them.

    If she had a food allergy - you'd tell them so that she wouldn't get hurt, right?

    This is the same. It's stormie...let them know all of her so that she gets the attention and understanding she needs. Then let it be.

    You are an awesome mama!! xoxo

  2. I agree. I'd let them know. It's not excuses, it's just the truth. You might want to be careful that they don't make assumptions in their ignorance about her issues. You may have to educate them a little bit about things. But it's worth the effort and it might help them to work with other kids with similar issues in the future.

  3. you guys are the best. i have gotten SO much great advice from this post. i only want to be the best mommy i can be for stormie. i am so glad to have you in my "village" to help along the way.

  4. i agree with everyone above and would want to tell them it wasn't my fault too :)

  5. Awe thats a tough one. As a parent you want to protect your child from everything. I too think that telling them will help them better understand her.I also think the teacher would appreciate knowing as well. Shes absolutely adorable btw!! Momma who found your blog through DS

  6. Leah - thanks for commenting!

    Tracey - very well said! thanks for following along!

  7. Carson takes dance, the new session just started and two moms (that I know of) approached the teacher to let her know of their children's individual issues.

    We have two girls in his class that have sensory issues, one is far more obvious than the other but both mothers told the teachers how best to get their kids back on track and focused and the teacher appreciated the information and I see her regularly use the techniques the mother's described to try and help re-focus these girls.

    In a world that is becoming so much more aware of sensory issues and how to deal with them I think it's in the best interest of the teacher and Stormie to make the issues known.