Wednesday, September 1, 2010

i'm looking for some... {hawaii foster mom}

i'm looking for some ideas about how to celebrate Stormies 1st Adoption Anniversary....

this year has went by so quickly...and beforei knew it, September is here!

i know many adoptive/foster parents read the blog and i'd like to know what you do...cake? party? gifts? i definitely dont wanna over do it, but i want her to know we cherish the date. a sistah out!


  1. I don't remember consciously deciding on it, but we've ended up with the tradition of getting/eating ice cream cones to celebrate our children's adoption days. It's a super simple tradition, but that means we can easily do it every year no matter where we are or what we're up to at the time. I always take a picture of them with their cone and I have a great year to year progression of photos to look back on. This year was the first year our boy really seemed to get into the purpose of the celebration and it was a great opportunity to talk more about his adoption and homecoming.

  2. ...and look at that, my comment is longer than your post. Oops! :)

  3. thanks for the sweet comment! it was a lot of hard work and i'm glad some one enjoys it. haha.
    i think you should go all out for the anniversary! a party would be awesome. how special. :) congratulations!!!

  4. I'm not sure what you did to celebrate BUT last year I made scrapbook albums for a Colonel's two adopted kids. It started from when she first got them up until now. And it was a huge hit!! Let me know if you're interested I can send you the ideas we used.

    Here's my link to my website for the albums. You can do them traditional or digital.