Tuesday, September 21, 2010

i cant remember my life... {hawaii blogger}

i can't remember my life prior to google - you thought i was gonna say my kids huh? nope. google. how in the hell did i find anything out before 1999? that's the year I discovered google. since then my life hasnt been the same. i was wondering how many times a day i use google...so i kept track of all the things i googled yesterday. it's pretty interesting...you should do the same.
Sonya loves google forever.

1. Rector Episcopal - my friend got a job as the rector of an episcopal church. i wanted to say congrats but thought i should learn what it was first.

2. Andy Stanley Imarriage - a great seminar we had at church. i wanted to share his link with a friend

3. Bubble Fan - a photographer was talking about these great bubble fans her kids have...she got them at walgreens, and since walgreens is all the way in town, i wanted to see if i could get them online. they answer is yes, on ebay for double the price.

4. Martha Stewart Date Organizer - my grandma was saying how she needs a better system to keep all the birthdays and anniversaries organized, so i wanted to buy her a date organizer.

5. Psalms Seeking God - i wanted to send a fellow blogger a letter with a scripture in it...her father was critically injured in a car accident.

6. FUJI GF670 - i was reading something and this camera was mentioned, i wanted to see what it looked like and how much it costs.

7. Jerry Coffee - i recently heard him speak and wanted to look at his personal site

8. Costco - my car needed gas, and i wanted to see what time the gas station closed.

9. grilling corn - i am never happy with the way we do it...so i wanted to see if other people have a good technique they can share

10. condelezza rice - i was watching some 9.11 stuff and she came up...i was wondering what she's doing these days.

so the answer is 10. yesterday i used google 10 times. i dont know what to make of that number. too little? too much? what's your number?


  1. I totally feel that way. And I also feel that way about google chrome. I can't believe they're so smart!

  2. I too have been Googlized. I Google for work and I Google for play. I don't know my number, but I'd guess it's in the 20's or 30's.

  3. i am cracking up, that is so me!!!

  4. Mariko - chrome huh? i see it there but wasn't sure if i should chance em'

    one big -ooohhh if i worked my numbers would be crazy!

    Leah - Google loves you too!

  5. lol.. i was just telling my husband the same thing. I'm almost 40 for heaven's sake. I lived without google FOREVER! Yet for the life of me, I have no idea how I lived without it. How did I know the hours of museums, movies, how did I know people's phone numbers? How did I know the symptoms and diagnoses of my kids illnesses. So glad I live in the Google ERA!!

  6. Amy! it's like life without google was the olden' days! you cracked me up when you talked about diagnosing your kids...i have a blog about that coming soon - my doc HATES when i do that. BTW - love your blog!! so many ideas!!