Wednesday, September 22, 2010

i am slowly coming to... {hawaii mommy blogger}

i am slowly coming to terms with the fact that my children will never act MY age. it's disappointing. but reality.

i mean seriously, why can't they wipe their own butts like normal people. i am such a genius, that i am sure i was wiping my own butt by 3 months of age.

short and sweet.


  1. Hi! I lost your blog link, and just found it again today. I commented a few weeks ago. Yes I have a blog, but it is private. If you would like to follow, shoot me an email at

    I will definately follow along regularly now!

  2. my savannah when in and went to the bathroom by herself at our agency. she is three. one of the teenagers in the waiting room said "she's three? she just when to the bathroom by herself! Our 4 year old still wants us to go in with her!"

    so funny. as you can tell, i am all about the kids doing it them selves, BUT *hangs head in shame* she still calls me in 90% of the time to wipe her butt at home. :)

  3. I love "meeting" other foster families! So glad to visit your blog and read about your family.
    And you're so right...I have no reason to be apologetic for what God has placed on my heart. I think I way too often become trapped up in the lies the world is pressing onto me and fear that I might offend someone of the world by telling His truth.
    No longer!

    Have a wonderful weekend,


  4. ana - i just had to get it off my chest!

    Beck - glad to have you back!! i sent you an email.

    Leah - wipe on!

    Kylee - keeping doing what god has called you to. he will always equip you with the right tools and words!

  5. my 3-yr-old walked up to me and said (get this), "I poop in my pants - ha! ha!"


  6. Penelope - HA HA HA! sorry. it's much funnier when it's not my own kids with crap in their pants!

  7. you said it exactly how I've been feeling. Thanks for translating my life!

  8. Love this!! And I totally wonder the same thing about my children....

  9. Damaris - your welcome!
    Ipo - glad i'm not alone.

  10. Hahaha, came over from diaperswappers, and this is hilarious.